Hi! My name is Eric. I'm a cheater. I ordered an $18 divorce kit and sent my wife of 27 years an email to tell her I was leaving so I could freely screw Jessica without having to hide anymore. I am still married, but it's ok now since I emailed written notice the day I left. Right? Jessica is married too, to a friend of mine, I'm sure he'll understand. Meanwhile, I enjoy sleepovers in the house that my wife paid off with her inheritance, on the bed she bought and on the sheets I gave her for Christmas. I just couldn't wait to try out those new testosterone injections! Please enjoy the slideshow.

Jessica Cross 602 N Bell Shawnee Oklahoma

PS: My wife has paid to keep this domain xsentrych.com for me for 15 years, because I kept saying I was going to do something with it. Anyway, it's for sale now. She needs to make some extra money to pay for her divorce attorney and for rent. If you'd like to buy it, just send her an email! pissedwife@xsentrych.com